Fundamental Human Needs

Posted by Nenad Marinković on Wednesday 23 October 2019

The aim of development must be neither producerism not consumerism, but the satisfaction of fundamental human needs.

Manfred Max-Neef

I've been thinking lately about application development and satisfying needs that we all share, so I decided to list the most basic ones on this website of mine. No doubt, there is a close connection between the business success of some applications and their messing with our nervous system. So maybe that's a nice starting point for thinking about your next project.

Health Security Peace and play Love and caring
Thriving Comfort Acceptance Affection
Exercise Confidence Appreciation Beauty
Food and nutrition Emotional safety Gratitude Companionship
Nourishment Familiarity Awareness Closeness, touch
Rest and sleep Order Balance Compassion
Relaxation Structure Ease Kindness
Shelter Predictability Equanimity Intimacy
Sustainability Protection from harm Humor Mattering
Support Stability Presence Intimacy
Wellness Trust Space Importance
Energy Faith Simplicity Sexual connection
Vitality Wonder Respect

Empathy Belonging Freedom and authenticity Meaning
Clarity Cooperation Choice Gratitude
Acknowledgment Fellowship Consistency Achievement
Communication Generosity Dignity Productivity
Consideration Inclusion Independence Celebration
Hearing (hear/be heard) Interdependence Power Challenge
Knowing (know/be known) Harmony and peace Self-responsibility Effectiveness
Presence Hospitality and welcoming Adventure Excellence
Respect Mutuality from harm Aliveness Growth
Receptivity Reciprocity Discovery Learning
Recognition Partnership Initiative Importance
Seeing (see/be seen) Relationship Innovation Purpose
Vitality Support and solidarity Inspiration Self-actualization
Self-esteem Trust and dependability Joy Self-esteem
Sensitivity Transparency Passion Skill
Openness Spontaneity Mastery